Climber in tree

Since 1986 McKee Tree Service has strived to assure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful and continue to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Our skilled and knowledgeable Certified Arborist is available to give you sound advice. When your trees need maintenance you can count on our professional crews to get your project completed promptly.

With a quarter of a century of tree care in the greater Cedar Creek Lake area, McKee Tree Service understands the special needs of the local urban forest, and knows how to nurture it and care for it. We can help you at all stages of the life of your trees, from the decision of which tree is best suited for your location, and the planting of that tree to the removal of a dead or diseased tree for aesthetic or safety reasons. In the unfortunate event Mother Nature has damaged or destroyed one of your trees, our professional crews can take care of your problems at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Since we are concerned not only about your trees but also about the rest of your property and your peace of mind, as well as the well-being of our employees and subcontractors in the unlikely event of an accident, McKee Tree Service is fully insured, which means that we carry both Contractor's Liability AND Occupational Hazard Insurance. We will be happy to provide you with copies of both documents at your request.


Services Provided

McKee Tree Service is a full service company specializing in all aspects of tree care. This means we are concerned with the health of your trees, their structural integrity, their appearance as well as the visual access they provide to the rest of your property.

The services we provide include:

Stump Removals
AirSpade Processes
Insect & Disease Control
Tree Planting
Vascular Injections
Construction Mitigation
Soil Analysis